EU Right to know *Webinar*

Webinar Description

Under REACH, consumers have the right to know whether the articles they buy contain any chemicals known as "substances of very high concern". These are chemicals with serious and often irreversible effects on health or the environment. Those substances may occur in many everyday products. Consumers can ask their supplier, who is obliged to answer within 45 days.

Many consumer articles may contain chemicals that are harmful to health or to the environment. These articles include clothing, furniture, sports articles, shoes, bags, garden decorations, office supplies, cleaning articles, or personal care products (the list is not exhaustive).

REACH established the setting up of a candidate list of "substances of very high concern", to which substances are being added regularly. A substance of very high concern can be carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction, persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic in the environment). The candidate list signals to industry that these substances will eventually be phased out of the market, and intends to encourage companies to look for safer alternatives.


1. REACH „Right to know“ overview
2. Impact on producers/importers of articles/goods
3. Information requirements / SVHCs
4. Information sharing duties
5. IT tools

Who should attend

Anyone with a responsibility for and/or interest in placing articles/goods on EU market.
Length: 1h 30min
System Requirements
PaedDr. Martin Murin, REACH expert
EU Right to know

1. EU "Right to Know"


Start of the webinar: 9:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)


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